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Maplewood Cemetery: Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. Where can I find Maplewood Cemetery ?
  2. How do I contact Maplewood Cemetery?
  3. Does Maplewood still have graves for sale?
  4. How do I buy a grave or family plot ?
  5. What are my options for buying a grave?
  6. Can I buy a grave near a loved one already there?
  7. Is there a difference between a burial plot and a cremation plot?
  8. How can I locate a relative that may be at Maplewood?
  9. How do I arrange for a funeral?
  10. How do I order a monument for a grave?
  11. How do I order a VA marker, monument or plaque?
  12. What are the costs involved?
  13. Can I plant flowers?
  14. When does Maplewood Cemetery have meetings that I can attend?
  15. Who takes care of the graves?
  16. What are the Rules and Regulations ?
  17. When is the Cemetery open?
  18. Who owns and operates Maplewood Cemetery?
  19. Definitions and Terms

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Does Maplewood still have graves for sale?

Yes we do. We are currently selling graves in the new Sections J & K. Maplewood Cemetery has expanded adding 2 other new sections that will open in the future. This expansion will allow Maplewood to be an active cemetery for many years to come. Please refer to the Maps page for more information.

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How do I buy a grave or family plot ?

You can start by calling Maplewood Cemetery at 585-672-1020 or emailing us at to set up an appointment to view the available graves, get your questions answered, and make a selection. We can also assist you in your purchase if you are out of town and need to make arrangements quickly.

Please refer to the What are my options for buying a grave? section of this FAQ for more information.

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What are my options for buying a grave?

Planning ahead is the recommended option for buying a grave. This is the 'pre-need' option.

A grave can also be purchased at the 'time of need' and can be purchased directly from Maplewood Cemetery.

Another option would be to purchase a grave through the funeral home that you may be working with.

There is no cost difference between any of these options. The 'pre-need' option allows you to purchase a grave at the current price. The price of a grave may be higher in the future.

Maplewood Cemetery offers the traditional 'full-size' grave for 1-full casket burial or 2-cremation burials. We now offer a 'Cremation Area' in Section J that is smaller and accomodates 1-Cremation Burial. This provides a lower cost option for single cremation burials.

Maplewood Cemetery offers a payment plan of the purchase if it is 'pre-need'. A grave purchase can be paid all at once or paid for over a monthly term with no additional charges. The grave being purchased needs to be paid in full before it can be used. The grave owner will receive a Deed to the grave once the full amount is paid.

Cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are currently the accepted payment methods.

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Is there a difference between a burial plot and a cremation plot?

Any grave or plot in Maplewood Cemetery can be used for a full-burial or for cremated remains interments, except for the new 'Cremation Area' in Section-J. A full-burial refers to a full size casket/vault interment. A grave can contain only 1 full size casket/vault. A cremation interment usually involves an urn or small container. One of the standard allowed options is for 2 cremation urns to be interred in one grave. Section-J now offers a new 'Cremation Area' that accomodates 1 cremation burial at a lower cremation only grave price.

The Rules and Regulations brochure shows the standard allowed options for interment. Personal preferences and timing can influence your decisions on what to do.

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Where can I find Maplewood Cemetery ?

Maplewood Cemetery is at 150 Middle Road in the Town of Henrietta, NY 14467. Driving directions can be found on the Maps section of this website.

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How can I contact Maplewood Cemetery?

Contact Information:

Call us: 585-672-1020

Email us:

Visit us: 150 Middle Road, Henrietta  (We do not have an onsite office at the cemetery but you may be able to find a Maplewood representative willing to help you).

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How can I locate a relative that may be at Maplewood?

This website ( provides access to an alphabetically listed, by last name, of all of those interred in Maplewood Cemetery. This link will provide the ability to find the 'Section', 'Lot', and 'Grave' to help you find someone. The information will also list other details such as relationships, maiden names, or veteran status, if we have it. Once you have the 'Section', 'Lot', and 'Grave' information, you can refer to the Map section to locate your relative.

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Can I buy a grave near a loved one already there?

Let us know who you want to be near and we will try to find an available grave nearby. 

An availability map is available for Sections F, J, and K.  Go to the Maps page to view them.

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How do I arrange for a funeral?

Many of the funerals at Maplewood Cemetery are arranged by the funeral home the family is working with. The funeral home can make all of the arrangements to make sure the funeral goes as planned. Maplewood Cemetery works with all of the local funeral homes, so the choice is yours. Out of area or out of state funeral homes frequently work through local funeral homes to ensure all goes as planned.

There are also times where a less formal family funeral is desired for a loved one that has been cremated. Please call us to make the arrangements if a funeral home is not involved. The required paperwork and fees must be ready before any interment can occur.

The things to consider when making these arrangements are:

1). Selecting a funeral home or a crematory.

2). Verifying or obtaining a grave at Maplewood Cemetery

3). Selecting a date for the service and interment

4). Making the appropriate notifications to the funeral home, cemetery, and newspaper (obituary)

5) Paperwork and Fees: Burial or crematory permits are required and the cemetery interment fee, and possibly grave purchase fee, if needed.

6). The family may want to have a monument installed at the grave of a loved one. Please refer to How do I order a monument for a grave?

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How do I order a monument for a grave?

Grave monuments can be ordered and installed either before or after an interment has occurred.  A monument can also span 2 adjacent graves allowing a family to share a monument. The place to start is with a local monument company. The monument company will work with you to make the desired selections on type, color, size, names, and message. Maplewood Cemetery requires that a monument foundation be installed before any monument can be delivered and installed. This monument foundation is a poured concrete base that is deep enough to weather the freeze and thaw cycles of local weather. This foundation will provide a strong base to protect the monument and keep it properly aligned. The monument company will order this monument foundation from us once you have decided on your monument type and size. The monument company can handle all of the arrangements and fees associated with the monument and the installation.

Out of area or out of state monument companies can be used. The cemetery requires a local monument company to receive and install the monument in the cemetery. Any of the local monument companies can be contacted to cooperate with a non-local monument company.

Maplewood Cemetery requires that the grave or graves for the monument be fully paid for before any monument can be installed. The cemetery does have monument size restrictions. The basic requirements are:

a)     The maximum monument size for a single grave is: 36” x 16”

b)     The maximum monument size for a multiple grave is: 60” x 16”

c)     The maximum monument height is: 48”

·         Notes: Monuments installed in the ‘Cremation’ Grave area of Section J are restricted to 24”x12” flush (ground level) monuments only.


Please refer to the Rules and Regulations section or brochure for more details.

Note: The monument foundations can only be installed when the weather permits. A monument foundation order received during the winter time will be delayed until the ground thaws and stays warm in spring.

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How do I order a VA marker, monument or plaque?

Veterans have options on the type and style of marker, headstone/monument or plaque that can be provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and installed in Maplewood Cemetery.

"The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) furnishes upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a Government headstone or marker for the unmarked grave of any deceased eligible Veteran in any cemetery around the world, regardless of their date of death.
For eligible veterans that died on or after Nov. 1, 1990 and whose grave is marked with a privately purchased headstone, VA may also furnish a headstone or marker to supplement the graves or a Medallion to be affixed to the privately purchased headstone."

Some of the choices include complete marble or granite monuments/markers, foot stone style markers, or bronze plaques, niches, and medallions to be attached to a non-VA monument. An application form must be obtained from and returned to the VA. Refer to the VA website for more information and the form VA Form 40-1330.  The VA form will be forwarded to the cemetery for review and approval. A fully paid grave at the cemetery is required before we can grant approval to the VA.

INSTALLATION - "The Government is not responsible for costs to install the headstone or marker in private cemeteries."

You can work with a monument company to help order and install the VA headstone or marker. There will be a monument foundation charge due the cemetery.

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What are the costs involved?

The costs are itemized, so it depends on what needs to be done. You can pay for what needs to be done now, or plan for the future and pay today's fees instead of increased fees in the future. This provides some planning flexibility.  Some of the costs involved may be handled by a funeral home (#1, #2 or #3) or a monument company (#4) when you work with them. Here is a partial list of current costs related to the cemetery:

1). Grave purchase: $900 per full-size grave. The new Section-J 'Cremation Only' grave is $500.

2). Interment: Full grave opening: $700 (an additional charge applies for Sunday and Holiday interments)

3). Interment: Cremation grave opening: $500 (an additional charge applies for Sunday and Holiday interments)

4). Monument foundation: prices start at $251, depending on foundation size.

The full cemetery cost listing is available on this site at: MWC Rates and Charges.

An additional charge may be added for winter interments due to the increased costs of winter snow and ice (December 1st to April 1st).

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Can I plant flowers?

You are allowed to plant certain flowers in the 'Allowed Planting Area' of owned graves. This question comes up frequently and tends to create more concerns at the cemetery than almost anything else. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations section of this website or the brochure posted at the cemetery before doing any planting.  The owner and/or family of the grave owner is responsible for taking care of any plantings at the cemetery grave. Note: The Section-J 'Cremation Area' does not allow any garden area on the grave.

1). The 1st thing to do is read the Rules and Regulations regarding 'allowed'

and 'not-allowed' planting methods and items.

2). Identify the 'Allowed Planting Area' side of the monument. This is usually

the east side of the grave, but does vary depending on the exact location.

Some of the monuments face one way, for visibility from a road, and the actual grave

is behind the monument. This means the only 'Allowed Planting Area' is behind the monument in this case.

3). Consider the long-term impact of planting flowers. Many consider planting flowers a good idea soon after a funeral, but never return to take care of them. This creates a situation not intended by the family.

4). Flowers, real or artificial, may be added to the allowed planting area only. The sod must be removed in the planting area.

Any improperly planted or improperly maintained flowers, real or artificial, may be removed without notice.

5).   Not Allowed Rules – (many of these items create safety issues or impede the required maintenance of the cemetery).

a)     Bushes, Shrubs, Rose Bushes, Trees, tall flowers or other plantings.

b)     Fences, Stone or plastic edgings. Stones, gravel or chunk-type mulches should not be used.

c)     Glass or Plastic Blocks or Glass Vases. In general, glass of any type must not be used.

d)     Wooden Crosses, Shepherd Crooks, or similar items.

e)     Encroaching on adjoining graves. Any items or plantings on the wrong-side of the monument, or extending beyond the ‘Allowed’ planting area limits will be considered encroachment.

f)       Novelties or similar items include: Pinwheels, toys, all flags, banners, and flag or banner holders. (The U.S. flag exception is noted above in ‘Allowed’.)

g)     Organic Materials, such as produce, left in the cemetery will be disposed of if found to be decaying or creating issues.

h)     Lighting devices including solar powered, battery powered, and all ignition (candle or lantern) types.

As you can see, there is much to consider before starting any planting. Any violations of the cemetery rules and regulations may be 'tagged'. A tag/card will be placed at the grave citing the violation. Depending on the violation, you have 30-days to correct the violation or the item in violation may be removed by the cemetery immediately. If the item in violation is not corrected in the allowed timeframe, it will be removed by the cemetery.

Planting areas/gardens that are not taken care of and become unsightly or a maintenance issue may be removed entirely.

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When does Maplewood Cemetery have meetings that I can attend ?

Yes. The annual public meeting of the Maplewood Cemetery Association is held the 1st Wednesday of March each year. Notices are posted in local newspapers with the time and location. They are normally held at the Henrietta Town Hall on Calkins Road at 7 PM. All cemetery grave owners are invited to attend and participate. These meeting provide a forum to ask questions or express your thoughts or concerns.

You can also call us or email us anytime with questions, comments, or concerns.

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Who takes care of the graves?

The general answer is the Maplewood Cemetery Association is responsible for the care and maintenance of the entire cemetery.  The Association employs a Superintendent to manage the operation and maintenance of the cemetery.  Most of the lawn mowing is hired out. The rest of the tasks are done by volunteers. Maplewood is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit cemetery. We always need more volunteers. Please help if you can.

A specific exception to that relates to the planting of flower gardens at a specific grave. The grave owner and relatives of the grave owner are responsible for taking care of planting and maintaining any flowers and garden at the owner's grave. Please refer to the Can I plant flowers?  FAQ for more on the gardens.

Most graves tend to settle over time, especially within the first few weeks that the grave has been opened and closed. The cemetery staff  and volunteers will take care of those situations by adding more soil, re-grading the grave, and reseeding the lawn area. The cemetery staff  and volunteers will also take care of any trees and branches near the graves. The cemetery staff will also remove any funeral flowers and arrangements shortly after a funeral or when wilted. The cemetery staff will also remove any items that are maintenance or safety issues from any grave as necessary.

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What are the Rules and Regulations ?

The Maplewood Cemetery Association has created a set of  Rules and Regulations that define what can and can not happen in the cemetery. The Rules and Regulations provide helpful information on the guidelines, limits, and specifications for a variety of topics such as standard allowed grave configurations, monument sizes, planting areas, interment rules, and grave owner responsibilities. Please read and follow these Rules and Regulations. All owners, family and visitors are required to comply.

The overall intent of the Rules and Regulations is to maintain an orderly, well maintained, and dignified cemetery for our loved ones. Individual desires and actions do not always align with the well being, safety and expectations of the majority of grave owners and those elected to run and maintain the association.

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When is the Cemetery open ?

Maplewood Cemetery is open every day from dawn until dusk. Some restrictions apply during funerals, holiday events, weather conditions, and cemetery maintenance.

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Who owns and operates Maplewood Cemetery?

Maplewood Cemetery is owned and operated by the Maplewood Cemetery Association which was incorporated in 1896. Maplewood Cemetery is a not-for-profit, volunteer run, charitable organization made up of member-owners elected to the Association Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors manages the cemetery corporation, appoints a superintendent, elects Officers for various functions and positions to make sure the cemetery grounds and business is properly operated, maintained and meets all of the required NY state and Federal regulations for cemeteries and non-profit corporations.

When you buy a grave at Maplewood Cemetery, you become eligible to become a Board Member or Officer of the Association. We strongly encourage owner participation. Please call (585-672-1020) or email us if you are interested.

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Definitions and Terms

Here are a few of the frequently used words and terms:

Cemetery: An area of land that has been surveyed and subdivided to define graves for the sole use of providing a burial place for deceased human beings.

Section: The cemetery is divided into large Sections, each containing multiple lots and graves. The Maplewood Map shows these Sections.

Lot: Each Section in the cemetery is sub-divided into lots. A lot usually contains 8 graves, depending on the section of the cemetery. Sometimes lots, plots, and graves are used used interchangeably in conversation. There are several areas in the cemetery that a family has purchased all of the graves in a lot and may refer to it as the family lot or plot.

Grave: A grave is the area within a section and lot that can be purchased, deeded, and used for interment.

Interment: Burial, is the act of placing a person or object into the ground.

Pre-Need: A grave purchase that occurs before the grave is needed for interment.

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