Some of Henriettas   Founders, Famous, and Familiar Families at Maplewood Cemetery:






Joseph and Abby Brown

Parents of Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Section A Lot 70

1877 / 1873

James E. Sperry

Sperry High School

Section A Lot 136


Henry V. Burger

Burger School

Section A Lot 294


Emma E. Sherman

Sherman School

Section B Lot 229


Floyd Stone Winslow, MD

Winslow School

Section A Lot 259


Sherman Elementary School
: Emma E. Sherman dedicated her life to teaching in the West Henrietta School District. A native of Henrietta, her love for children endeared her to many. Sherman was born November 1, 1863, and died in 1935; she is buried in Maplewood Cemetery on Middle Road in Henrietta. 

Winslow Elementary School: Dr. Floyd S. Winslow, former teacher and headmaster of Monroe Academy, lived on East Henrietta Road. A graduate of Cornell University, he was a World War I U.S. Army medic, became a physician, and served as county coroner. Construction of the school began in 1958, the same year Dr. Winslow died. Sally Wood Winslow, his granddaughter, was a student when the school was dedicated. Winslow 
celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008.

Burger Middle School
: Henry V. Burger was born in Mendon in 1870, but lived most of his 83 years in Henrietta. He worked tirelessly to establish a local high school. Burger was a member of the Board of Education for 25 years, serving as clerk during most of that time. The school's
 cornerstone was placed in 1963. 

Senior High School
: Originally the James E. Sperry High School, this building is named for surveyor James Sperry, who provided leadership in fostering local education. He lived in Henrietta from 1811 to 1861. In 1825, Sperry was part of a group that considered building an educational academy, which became Monroe Academy the following year. The Sperry building opened in 1969.
Source: Rush-Henrietta Central School District School Namesakes

Most Frequent-Familiar Family Names at Maplewood Cemetery:

Smith (53)

Dunn (47)

Clark (45)

Miller (42)

McNall (39)

Feasel (36)

Brown (35)

Jones (32)

Williams (32)

Zornow (32)

Howlett (31)

Stone (30)

Perry (28)

Sherman (28)

Johnson (24)

Baldwin (23)

Lincoln (22)

Post (22)

Buyck (21)

Jackson (21)

Newton (21)

Calkins (20)

Harrington (20)

Muhs (20)

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